Almadraba is @BAM’s 2018 Next Wave Festival!

NEW CD is Coming in OCT 2018
After two years of hard work, Alamadraba, Oscar Peñas’ new composition has seeing the light. The piece is an ode to the Andalusia’s most environmental and sustainable fishing trap known as almadraba. We have the pleasure to work with great musicians such as, Marta Sanchez-piano, Ron Carter-bass (sharing bass with) Pablo Aslan-bass, Richie Barshay-drums, Harlem Quartet-strings. Jason Olaine is the captain of the boat as Artistic Producer, and on the liner notes Ashley Khan.

Almadraba, (2018) is an intriguing new composition where the jazz, classical and popular driven styles, interact with Iberian traditions composed by guitarist Oscar Peñas.

“Almadraba” provided Peñas with the opportunity to work and share experiences with a jazz and classical quartets, for the first time, as well it also help raise the awareness of an environmentally friendly trap-fishing method, which is one of the oldest in the world that has not changed since its inception.

Contributions to the postproduction of Almadraba (manufacturing 1000 CDs) is a tax-free donation through our fiscal sponsor organization, Fractured Atlas.

Oscar Peñas’ Crossroads, (2016) Crossroads is the new jazz-fusion project lead by guitarist Oscar Peñas. It premiered at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in NYC on Feb. 1st, 2016 and it features Gregoire Maret on harmonica, Moto Fukushima on bass, and Richie Barshay on drums.
Crossroads’ sound captures Peñas’ consistent technique, a rare sensibility seen in jazz. His lower intensity facilitates him to shade tunes with meaning and subtlety, a refreshing musical approach in today’s over-amplified jazz world.
Oscar’s cultural mixing and crossover melodies are clearly represented in this varied repertoire of originals.

” Spanish guitarist Oscar Peñas has attracted a wide variety of fans through his unique combination of classical, Spanish folk music and Brazilian grooves over an American jazz base.” – SiriusXM, Real Jazz channel

” Music of Departures and Returns is an enjoyable collection of styles and sounds from around the world presented with heartfelt joy and clarity. The music will certainly leave the listener with a joyful and playful feeling; Peñas’ focus on making good heartfelt music is a breath of fresh air.” – H. Allen Williams, JazzTimes

“…the album displays Peñas’s confident and clear phrasing, which is cast into high relief through interplay with Caswell’s violin.” – Tim Wilkins, WBGO

“Peñas practices economical simplicity, displaying astute prowess commendable for its modesty and ease.” – Bob Gendron, Downbeat Magazine (4 stars)

Peñas is a gifted writer, composer and a band leader…”  Steven Rosenfeld, ASCAP

Mr. Peñas, a crisp Catalan guitarist, has a new album, “Music of Departures and Returns,” that suggests a personal spin not only through the music of his heritage but also that of Cuba and the Americas.” – Nate Chinen, NY