Press Quotes

“It’s always great fun to play good music… and Oscar Peñas provides the music and talent to make this fun possible.” – Ron Carter

For all its artistry, Peñas’ work retained considerable humility and remained no less impactful because of it. – Phillip Lutz,   Downbeat Magazine

“Oscar is a beautiful player with a totally unique sense of sound and color in his writing…” – Esperanza Spalding

“Oscar Peñas has a very well-traveled musical passport. Born in Spain, he sounds like a citizen of the world, crossing musical borders with quick and sure footing. I have seen his style develop and expand in the past five years I have known him and have been happy to be a passenger on his journeys. I am sure he will continue to develop and expand and we all wait for his next musical travels.” – Gil Goldstein

“Surrounded by a real orgy of loud and louder recordings, Oscar Peñas’ new CD feels like an oasis of variety and good musical taste. It was also great fun playing my C clarinet on that charming Chorinho he wrote for me!” – Paquito D’Rivera

“Barcelona native Oscar Penas has become one of Spain’s most notable jazz musicians to earn international attention.”– George Vargas, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Peñas ha ascendido a la cumbre en directo”– Francesc Peiron, La Vanguardia

“Óscar Peñas, un catalán que triunfa en Nueva York haciendo jazz” – Maite Morate Cacho, El País

“Mr. Peñas has become a marvelous storyteller. – Raul Da Gama, Jazz Da Gama

“Music of Departures and Returns is an enjoyable collection of styles and sounds from around the world presented with heartfelt joy and clarity. The music will certainly leave the listener with a joyful and playful feeling; Peñas’ focus on making good heartfelt music is a breath of fresh air.” – H. Allen Williams, JazzTimes

“Music of Departures and Returns is a beautiful album that just seems to keep getting prettier with the passing of time.” Tiny Reviews edition

“Graceful new album reflects a Jazz of Many Colors” Interview by JCROWE, Guitar Blog

“…Peñas offers a lithe, sparkling solo that displays his deep affection for the music” Jazziz Magazine, OnDisc

“… he’s a real genre-buster: on “Music Of Departures And Returns”… – Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine

“…the album displays Peñas’s confident and clear phrasing, which is cast into high relief through interplay with Caswell’s violin.” – Tim Wilkins, WBGO

“In this day and age, when a large chunk of the jazz community views conceptual rigor and the creation of high art as a moral imperative, it’s a joyous thing to hear artists like Peñas buck the trend; he simply plays what he enjoys.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“Peñas practices economical simplicity, displaying astute prowess commendable for its modesty and ease.” – Bob Gendron, Downbeat Magazine (4 stars)

“This is a delightful journey, guided by an artist with a rich imagination.” – Marcia Hillman, The New York City Jazz Record

“The music [of Music of Departures and Returns] will certainly leave the listener with a joyful and playful feeling; Peñas’ focus on making good heartfelt music is a breath of fresh air.” – Douglas Reid, The Examiner

“Spanish jazz guitarist and composer Oscar Peñas made his Kennedy Center KC Jazz Club debut last evening, exhibiting his awesome fusion of classical guitar laced with smooth, jazzy, Spanish, and South American flavor.” – Teal Ruland, DC Metro Theater Arts

“But of course, Spanish musicians get in on the action too, and Oscar Peñas is one of the most consistently interesting among these.” – Michael J. West, Washington City Paper

“With decidedly singular tuning of his guitar, Peñas forges unique relationships with the other instruments performing his repertoire.” – Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

“Lovely tune. Drifts along gentle and alluringly. One of those songs that I want to keep going even after the last note has sounded.” – Fiona’s Comments, All About Jazz

“In his new CD “From Now On,” Oscar Peñas combines elements of Flamenco, Jazz and Brazilian Choro with grace and naturalness.” Paquito D’Rivera

“From Now On a rich, moody expressive recording that is as composed as it is improvisational. Peñas is a gifted writer, composer and a band leader…” – Steven Rosenfeld, ASCAP

“El guitarrista español con más proyección internacional del momento es, casi, un completo desconocido en su propio país.” America Economica

“…the recording, a collection of sublime compositions that delve deeply into his Spanish heritage while simultaneously honoring his jazz mastery.” Jake Hertzog, Guitar Player Magazine

“Peñas is a guitarist with a classy, mahogany-hued aesthetic.” Michael Jackson, Downbeat Magazine

“There are many excellent CDs released every year in the realm of jazz, but it remains a rare occurrence when an album takes the listener on a unique journey from start to finish.” Ron Netsky, Rochester City Newspaper

“Within this special genre, Oscar Peñas is a musician with a special sound.” Ivan Rod,

“Oscar Peñas is a musical artist painting from a bold sonic color palette while striking a balance between the organic and vibrant sounds from his native Barcelona and those of the Big Apple.” Brent L. Black

“From Now On is one of those romantic albums that grasps hold of you quickly. Warm, opening and refreshing–Oscar Penas hopefully won’t be an unkept secret from many. From Now On is an album that should be universally praised and rewarded. A definite must listen…” – Stephan Moore, JazzWrap

“Oscar’s music is inviting and from the soul; finely cultivated and fully realized…his writing and playing have beautiful motion and uniquely sensuous melodies.” Esperanza Spalding

“Oscar Penas has found a way to merge traditional Spanish music with Jazz in a way that seems totally natural and fresh…, without overproducing them, … A rare quality for records that are produced today and makes it unique and refreshing for all listeners.” Gil Goldstein

“While Peñas is a solid electric guitarist, his acoustic work is, at turns, hypnotic, melodic and inventive.” Step Tempest

“On both accounts, Oscar Peñas’ proves to be a master artist who paints with mood and melody in equal quantities. From Now On is a veritable feast of delicious, Spanish-tinged delicacies served by a guitarist and composer deserving greater attention.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“Oscar is a very dedicated musician with a unique sound and creative writing.” Luciana Souza

“Peñas creates a soulful style that can best be described as transnational cool”Alana Harper, WNYC

“Endlessly creative” JazzTimes

“Peñas is not a technical guitar player, but more of a sound sculptor…” Budd Koppman, Cadence

“When he soloes, he is spare and to the point” – Marc Meyers, All ABout Jazz